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The Charlotte Villa 11 original construction was completed in 1985. The 12 single bedroom apartments included one designed for handicapped/disabled persons. The tenants are served with one common Laundry Room. A common Community Room is located in the Charlotte Villa 1 building. The picture to the left shows the original look. Note the low roof profile, and that the front entrance is exposed to the weather. During the winter months the roof often needed to have the buildup of snow and ice formations removed by shoveling.

The 2007-2008 rehabilitation of mostly the building's exterior created a dramatic change in appearance. The picture below and to the left showsthe dramatic changes to the same front elevation. The peaked roof was accomplished by installing new roof trusses above the existing. The new roof profile better handles the heavy lake effect snow accumulation in this snow-belt area in Chautauqua County. The colors of the new vinyl siding and the roof were selected to show a rustic theme. The colors selected also have a connection with the Charlotte Villa 1.

For tenant and visitor convenience, the rear entrance, which had some natural weather protection, received a new roof extension that better shielded that entrance from weather. The front received a new closed in Foyer. Tenants appreciate this feature as it provides a place to wait for a ride, more convenience when entering with arms full of packages, and a great place to carry on a conversation with neighbors. The, what has been referred to as "bump-outs for the second floor windows, were all demolished rebuilt, and new energy efficient windows installed.

This work was financed by a rehabilitation loan of approximately $400,000 from the USDA, Rural Development, and equity invested by local investors from the Sinclairville Housing Limited Partnership 11, Tenant Rental subsidy is provided by the NYS Rural Rental Assistance Program.

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